Alpine Association hotel Wismeyerhaus, awarded the Austrian eco-label for tourist establishments

Sustainability, environmentally-conscious approaches, and a livable, clean future for generations to come are very important to us. Now, our commitment has been recognized with the eco-label for tourist establishments by the Ministry of the Environment. The concept of sustainability is continuously being developed at the Wismeyerhaus. It is important for us to create a symbiosis of ecology, business, and society. Therefore, at Alpine Association hotel Wismeyerhaus, we make sure that organic products from the region are used, water consumption is reduced, waste separation is improved, and use of chemicals restricted. The strict criteria of the Ministry of the Environment are always being monitored. The eco-label is already the second award that this Alpine Association hotel has received for its efforts in sustainability.

OeAV - Umweltgütesiegel

Alpine Association hotel Wismeyerhaus, awarded the
Environmental quality that the Alpine Clubs

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